Purchasing Policy

Purchase Conditions
It is important to read carefully the Pruchase Conditions before ordering any product (s) from our Website. These Conditions, together with our Policy of Privacy and our General Use Conditions will rule our relationship between You and this Website and your Product(s) purchase through the Website or by telephone. If you have any question about them or doesn’t accept them, please contact our Customer Service in sale@vazquezcruz.com before continuing.

Please click on “Accept” under the Order Confirmation section before sending your order to us (“The Order”) to confirm your acceptance. If you don’t accept these Purchase Conditions, you cannot order any Product of our Website..

You can have other rights guarantied by law; these Purchase Conditions must not affect them, unless there is an incompatibility among them. If such would be the case, then these Purchase Conditions will invalidate any other right which You may have unless it is permitted by law.

JOYEROS VAZQUEZ S.A. DE C.V. and our address is Av. República # 40 Int. 204, Col. La Perla, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. You can contact us through our email sales@danmaik.com These Purchase Conditions are applicable to the Website www.danmaik.com

Only people of 21 years old and more who are residents of Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, European Union, England, Australia, and Japan. If You are not a resident of any of the countries herein aforementioned or would want to send something to other country, please send us an email to sales@danmaik.com.

Orders can be sent through the Website in the following way:

Once you are prepared to buy, click on the button “Add to the Cart” to add the Product you want to buy. Afterwards, click on “Proceed with Purchase” to enter our secured and safe servers and complete the Order..

If this is the first time you buy in our Website, you can either create an account with us by using your email address and creating a password, as it will be requested. You must have to keep this password confidentially and must not share it with anybody. We have a secure file to provide you your password if in the future transactions you forget it. In that event, we will ask you for your address. The address You have registerd must be the same than the one where the payment card statement is sent; however you can use whichever delivery address.

If you have already registered with us you can enter your user’s data to begin session and access your account..

Once you have started the session, if there would be delivery expenses, they will be summed up to the amount charged into your account. You must confirm your wish of making an Order and accept the Purchase Conditions. You will be asked to confirm your address and introduce your payment data.

After finishing your Order, we will ask you to confirm if everything is correct. If it is not correct, you can go back to your Order and correct the mistakes before confirming and sending it to us. You will be responsible of ensuring that your Order is correct before you send it to us. If you have any problem with your Order, contact sales@danmaik.com

After that we will send you an email acknowledging receipt of your Order. It will be sent to you automatically to the email address you gave us.

After sending you this email, we will prove if we can comply with your Order. After confirming we can send your Order, we will send you a second email confirming your Order, confirming the Product (s) we will send you to the delivery address requested and indicating therein the delivery time. This will be sent automatically by us to the email address You registered with us. This confirmation will also have a copy of the Purchase conditions including therein information on how to cancel the Order, and the addresses of the stores or DANMAIK selling points, where You can make any claim. At this time ww will proceed with the payment data you gave us to encash the payment of your Order.

You must confirm that both emails are correct and let us know immediately if there is a mistake. The ownership of the Product (s) will be passed on to You at the time of delivery.

If there is any problem with your Order, a DANMAIK representative will contact You.

When you send your Order, You are accepting to buy the Product (s) at the price displayed on the Order.

Prices are frequently confirmed. However, if at the time we receive your Order we notice that the price has changed or that there was a mistake in it, we will contact You to see if you accept or not the price.

If You find any mistake in your Order, please call us immediately to the telephone number 52(33)3678 1791. You must call us before we send you the second confirmation of your Order to your email. After that time we will not be able to correct mistakes, but You will be entitled to cancel as it is set forth hereunder by your right to cancel.

Prices appearing in the page include taxes imposed by the national fiscal authorities. They do not include courrier cost and we apply special conditions according to the amount of purchase (only applicable to Mexico).

Domestic Courriers (Only applicable in Mexico)
All the Orders are sent via FedEx, UPS or DHL and only to cities where these companies are represented. The cost is $300.00 pesos., per address. Orders worth beyond US$13,000.00 dlls.,, will not pay for the courrier (only applicable in Mexico). The delivery period is of 5 working days as from the payment charged of the product is credited in the Company’s account. We do not send order to P.O.Boxes. You can check the status of your order or of the courrier by calling to the telephone number of our Customer Service (33) 3669 0894, from Monday to Friday, in working hours from 10:00am to 19:00pm, it is closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

International Courriers
North America, Latin America, Europe and Japan
All the Orders are sent via FedEx or UPS and their cost is U.S. $69.00 dlls., per address. For purchases of more than U.S. $1,000.00 dlls., the courrier will be free of cost. The delivery period is of 6 working days as from the payment charged for the product is credited in the Company’s account. We do not send courriers to P.O.Boxes. You can check the status of your order with the Tracking ID number of the courrier company or by calling to any of DANMAIK telephones. The price appearing on the screen does not include import tax collection for the products sent to other countries. We will issue Certificate of Origin provided Mexico’s Free Trade Agreement with the importing country is in force.

Prices indicated in our Website, displayed on the screen, include the VAT and other applicable taxes, payable for the Product(s) and delivery expenditures. Please be aware that delivery expenditures are applied to Orders for a total sum at certain value and that VAT percentage applied to the Product (s) may vary regarding the country to which you want to send the Product (s).

Payment has to be done before sending the Product (s) with credit or debit card in real time. We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. if for any reason we cannot accept your Order, we will not make any charge in your credit card or we will reimburse you the amount You paid for said Order. We will not send you the Order until we receive the total payment amount.

Prices are susceptible to change at any moment, but changes will not affect already confirmed Orders, as has been described hereinabove..

For card payments, all holders of credit and debit cards as well as holders of bank accounts/mortgage credit firms, could be subject to authorization and authentification. If the issuer of your payment card or our service provider rejects or for any reason doen not authorize or validate the payment, we will not be responsible under said circumstances, for delays or non deliveries of the Product(s) You have ordered.

By giving us the pertinent data, You have authorized us specifically to transmit or get information about You from third parties every now and then, including in a mere enunciative manner, your name, address, telephone number, credit or debit card data, and credit report to verify your identity and the delivery address of the Products, validate your payment card and get payment authorizations for the Products you have purchased.

The delivery of the Product(s) will try to be at the delivery address You have stated in your Order within a term set forth in our delivery periods, but due to reasons against our will we cannot indicate an exact delivery date..

If we do not deliver the Produc (s) within 30 days after confirming your Order or after any other date we had agreed upon with you, could void the Contract thus we would reimburse you the amount credited. Jewelry will be delivered in its case with a soft cloth to clean it and its Certificate of Authenticity.

Notwithstanding any specific guaranty we could offer for specific products, or those legally implicit, we do not offer any guaranty for our products.

You must check the Product(s) when you receive it (them) to see if there are damages or defects. If you find any defect or damage you must inform us as soon as possible so that we can prepare the return to our Customer Service without any charge for you. Mexican retailers cannot admit returns or changes; however, they will give courrier information to customers wishing to return the damaged or deffective merchandise. If we find that the Product (s) has (have) been damaged or has (have) flaws before delivering to You (not caused by wearing or using it (them), we will repair or sustitute the Product (s) or reimburse the price You paid, including the delivery expenditures you also paid, provided You have not wore or used the Product (s) damaged. If you prefere to repair or substitute the Product (s), we ask you to contact us and we will substitute the Product (s) without any charge for You and provided it is reasonable feasable. Likewise, we will reimburse you the return cost or we will send you a pre-paid package which you can use to return us the defective or damaged piece.

These Purchase Conditions do not exclude our responsibility before You, if any, for:

Personal damages or death due to negligence;


Any matter which would be illegal to exclude or try to exclude our responsibility

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph (iii), we are only responsible before You for losses caused to our breach of these Purchase Conditions. Our responsibility for the losses we could cause you if we would breach these Purchase Conditions, is strictly limited to the purchase price of the Product You bought and any loss which we could foresee beforehand derived from our breach to the Purchase Condtions. Losses are foreseeable whenever they can be considered by both parties at the time of accepting your Order..

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph (iii), we will not be responsible for indirect losses derived as secondary effect of the loss or the main damage and which cannot be foreseen by any of the parties hereby, thus it is being included for mere enunciative purposes:
> Losses of revenues or leasings;
> Loss of business;
> Loss of benefits or contracts; or
> Loss of savings
Provided the aforementioned will not prevent claims for losses or damages to tangible assets pursuant to your legal rights or paragraph (iv) or any other claim for direct financial losses not excluded by the preceding categories of losses under this paragraph (v).

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph (iii), we will not be responsible for any delay or failure in our compliance with obligations set forth under these Purchase Conditions caused for reasons away from our reasonable control, including any of the following: major force, governmental action, war, fire, flood, explosion or civil disturbances, failures in IT or telecommunication services, failure from a third party (including failure in data supply) and industrial actions.

Please be aware that nothing contained in these Purchase Conditions will affect your inherent legal rights

If you are a particular consumer (that means, the total or partial purchase is not done for your company, or you are not autonomous) you are entitled, among many other rights, to cancel the Contract (except for customized products or others which we have specified as non returnables) and the right to a reimbursement. You must contact in writing Joyeros Vázquez SA de CV en Av. Republica #40 Int 204, Col. La Perla, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México via email to sales@danmaik.com and express your wish to cancel, within seven labor days as from the following day to the delivery of the Product(s).

If you wish to cancel, then you must return us the Product (s) by your own cost and risk. We advise you to properly secure the Product (s) during their way back to be returned. You are totally responsible of the care given to said Product (s).

If You do not return the Product (s) in the following 7 days or when we request you to do so, whatever happens first, we can collect the Product (s) in your domicile counter-reimbursement.

The details of your right to cancel or return will be given to you in the delivery note attached to the Product (s) thereto.

In addition to your right to cancel, the Products will be accepted if they are returned to our Customer Service, and you will be given a purchase or a change voucher, provided they are in suitable conditions for their sale and in the 30 following days to their delivery, attached to the delivery note. Said return will be done by your own cost and risk. We advise you that the Product (s) are properly secured during their way back to be returned.

When the product is a gift, the addressee will have the right to change the non reimbursable merchandise or can ask for a reimbursement to the buyer of the Product. To change the gift or request a reimbursement to the buyer, please follow the instructions included in your package therein.

If you paid the Product (s) with a credit or debit card in real time, the returns will be done by reimbursment to the same paying account.

All the returns will be done in the following 30 working days after the date in which you claimed by right the cancellation of the Agreement..

It may happen that we do not take a copy of these Purchase Conditions and of your Order. We advise you to print a copy of them for your own sake for the future. You can download a pdf version of these Purchase conditions by clicking here, although the emails sent to you acknowledge receipt and confirm your Order, they will have attached thereto a pdf format of the Purchase Conditions.

The Contract and all the communications between You and us will be done in English and Spanish.

The creation, existence, interpretation, execution, validity and other aspects of these Purchase Conditions or of any point of these Purchase Conditions will be governed by the Mexican Laws.

The Mexican courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to rule on any dispute derived from or related to these Purchase Conditions or the use of the Website. However, you must take into account that this cannot prevent the consumers with residence in Mexico to start legal proceedings at local courts.

Any provision of these Purchase Conditions considered as invalid or impossible to execute by a court will be removed from the rest of the Purchase Conditions which will remain unchangeable.

Any delay or omission in which we could incur to use any power, right or remedy under these Purchase Conditions will be construed as their waivering, and the individual or partial use of said powers, rights or repairs will not prevent the use of other faculties, rights or remedies.

A person who does not enter into a contract ruling the Purchase Conditions between You and Us, will not be entitled to bring into effect any of its terms pursuant to the Mexican Law except when these Purchase Conditions expressly provide said rights.

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