Privacy Policy

JOYEROS VAZQUEZ, S. A. DE C. V. hereinafter the “Company” is located at Av. Mariano Otero No. 1329 Local 3M, Tercer Nivel, Col. Rinconada del Bosque, C.P. 44530 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. México. It publishes the Notice of Privacy herein to inform the Holder of the personal data, hereinafter referred to as the “Holder” “User”, about the way the Company handles the Personal Data that he/she provides through its Webpage (, subsequently the “Page”, “Webpage, “Website” or “Site”.

The Company declares hereby that the Policy of Privacy ensures that any information provided by the Holder will be kept privately, secure and will be handled as confidential. In order to attest this herein and hereby the Company points out the details of how the information is gathered and how it is used.

The Holder recognizes that the information provided about himself / herself is true, correct, current and complete, and is civil and criminal liable of said information.

The Company reserves the right to Act Discretionally in the Revision of Personal Data.

Personal Data is provided through the Account or User’s Registration created. The Company gathers personal id information given by the User’s own will or in response to explicit requirement of the Company.

The information requested is the following:

• Name
• Address
• Age
• Gender
• Number of Bank Card
• Transactions
• Email account
• Telephone Number

Likewise, the Company can also gather the User’s IP (Internet Protocol) address to assist diagnosing our server problems and manage the Page. An IP address is a number given to the User’s computer when internet is used. This IP address is also used to help identifying the User within a particular session and to collect general demographic information.

This information can include the remittent URL (either they are or aren’t in our Website), the URLs to which they have frequent access (either they are or aren’t in our Website), the browser they are using, as well as the pages visited, searches done, postings, purchases-sales, messages done and so forth.


The User of the Company’s Webpage knows and accepts that the Company can use a tracking system by using cookies (hereinafter referred to as 'Cookies').

The Cookies are data files stored in the hard disk of the computer or the electronic communication device of a user when browsing in an Internet site, which will allow to exchange status information between said site and the user’s browser. The status information can reveal session id means, authentication or user’s preferences, as well as any data stored by the browser related to the internet site.

Cookies are used in order to know the interests, the behaviour and demography of the persons visiting or of frequent visitors of the Webpage to better understand their needs and interests and in that way give them a better service or provide them related information. We also offer certain functionalities which are only available by using the Cookies.

We will also use the information obtained through Cookies to analyze pages browsed by the visitor or the User, the searches done, to improve our commercial and promotional initiatives, show our ads or promotions, banners of interest, perfect our offer of contents and articles, customize said contents, presentation and services.

Cookies are also used to help the User not to have to enter his / her code so frequently during the browsing session, for accounting purposes and to confirm the registries, the User’s activity and other concepts and trade agreements, having as objective the installation of Cookies, the benefit of the User who receives them and that they will not be used for any other purpose unknown by the Company.

It is declared herein that the installation, permanence and existence of the Cookies in the User’s or visitor’s computer depend of his/her exclusive will and can be deleted of his /her computed whenever the User wishes to do it. In order to remove the Cookies from the system it is required to check the Help section on the browser. One can also find Cookies or other similar systems installed by third parties in certain pages of our Site. The Company does not control the use of Cookies by third parties.

The company also uses Web Beacons at the time the User is using the Webpage, the Web beacons are visible or hidden images inserted in a Website used to monitor the User’s behaviour in these media..

If the Company uses cookies, Web beacons or similar technologies, it will be informed to the User via a message or pop up which will appear in his/ her visual field when browsing through the page.

Information Management

Personal Data is collected and stored for identification purposes and to provide truthfullness to the User about the Company’s Webpage (, additionally they are used to localize, collect, contact, to check Users’ behaviour and demography, improve our commercial and promotion initiatives (marketing), send information or messages about new products and/or services as well as any other information, show publicity or ads of interest for our Users in order for the Company to provide a more efficient service to the User.

The preceding objectives are necessary to meet all our obligations and have relationship with the holder, that means that the Company will be able to provide as its main duty an efficient service to the User from which the Judicial Relationship between the Company and the User was established thereof.

Information collection allows the Company to offer services and functionalities more suitable to the User’s needs. Likewise, it allows the Company to send the User through different means and channels (including mails, SMS, etc.) offers of products and services which can interest the User..

The Company reserves the right to request a receipt and/or additional data in order to confirm the personal data of every user, and to temporarily or definitely suspend those Users whose data have not been able to be confirmed.

The User recognizes that the User’s account or registration is personal, unique and untransferable, and is prohibitted that a same User registers or has more than one account. If the Company detects several accounts having matching or related data, it could cancel, suspend or disabled them. The user will be liable for all oeprations done in his/her account because in order to access it is restricted to the entry and use of his / her personal password, only known by the User. In the event the account is suspended, the Company will store the User’s personal data to make both the User and the Company abide by the provisions stated under the Notice of Privacy.

If User’s information at the time of registering would be wrong or incomplete, making it impossible to prove and identify the User, the Company will have the right to immediately suspend the Services provided via the Webpage without the need of a prior notice, and the User would be responsible at all times for injuries and damages finally suffered.

Data Transfer

The Holder expressly authorizes the Company to keep in his registry the information given by the Holder, and he/she also authorizes the Company to constantly give information about the hereinabove mentioned registry to (i) authorities asking for it in conformity to what is permissible by the law in effect and (ii) to its strategic, commercial or technical parterners in order to offer better Promotion conditions and/or User’s contents. Likewise, the User expressly allows the Company to gather information to follow up the traffic, in order to identify groups and profiles of users, as well as for orienting advertising.

Data Transfer is done for legal purposes and pursuant to what is set forth in the Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (Ley de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares).

The receivers of information to be forwarded are strategic, commercial or technical partners, and data will only be used for advertising purposes and to develop the Webpage.

The Company declares that it will not transfer any type of the Holder’s information to Third Parties, national or foreigners; otherwise, it will inform the Holder by publishing a new Notice of Privacy. The aforesaid is in conformity to what is set forth in article 36 of the Regulation of the Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals.

Transfer under special circumstances

In the event of a sale, merge, consolidation, partnership control change, substantial asset transfer, reorganization or settlement of the Company we can transfer or assign the information compilled in this Site to one or more relevant parts, besides of binding us to issue a new Notice of Privacy updated with the internal changes made.

User’s Rights To Personal Data:

For the Users of this Webpage, besides the rights pointed out in this document, there are the following ones hereunder:

The User has the right to Access his/her data through the Company’s Webpage, under his/her User’s Registry and all the Data he/she provided to the Company. The User can access to this Data by giving his/her User’s Name and Password.

The User has the right to Rectify his/her data whenever he/she wishes by using the Company’s Webpage, going into the User’s Registry where he/she can modify them and must update personal data at the time of purchasing a good published in the Company’s Webpage.

The User has the right, at the time he/she wants to use it, to cancel his/her account or User’s Registry, by accessing to it, selecting the option Cancel Registry and then he/she revokes his/her acceptance for personal data management or opposes to the Notice of Privacy, however, the Company will keep the Information provided in its database, will store and safeguard it.

In order for the User to use his/her right to deny his/her personal data management for purposes he/she doesn’t consider as necessary, the User must state it in a free style letter and send it to the following email, said letter must contain the following:

*The holder’s name and email to receive the answer.

*Addressed to the Company

*Customer’s registry or account with the Company to credit his/her identity

*A clear and accurate description of the purposes not considered as necessary for him/her

The Company will have a term of 20 working days to answer or stop using the personal data for the purposes therein mentioned.

In order for a User to use his/her right to limit the use or spread of his/her personal data, but with the intention of continuing using the services rendered by the Company, the user must state it in a free style letter sent to the following email, and said letter must have the following:

*The holder’s name and email to receive the answer.

*Addressed to the Company

*Customer’s registry or account with the Company to credit his/her identity

*A clear and accurate description of the data that he/she wishes to limit its use or spreading.

The Company will have a term of 20 working days to answer and in its case execute the limit of its use, in said answer it will give the resolution and possibility of doing what was requested in writing in the Letter, notwithstanding the possibility of using his/her other rights.

The hereinabove mentioned are means which the User may use to limit the personal data management.

Personal data blocking or supressing procedures

After having cancelled the data, the Company will keep for one more month the Holder’s personal data for any clarification purposes and to be ready for the supression. Once this term is finished, the Company will delete definitively the holder’s personal data and will not have any chance of locating or contacting the holder since they will be eliminated from the database and all files related to the holder will be removed. If the holder has another interaction with the Company, he/she must start said action as if there would have never existed a previous relationship.

The aforementioned must be done in conformity to what is set forth in the Privacy Policies in order to keep information for the authority and for legal reasons.

Personal data which has accomplished its objectives but which cannot be cancelled or deleted for legal or contractual provisions, will be blocked from the uses they were subject to until they can be deleted. During said period, the personal data could not be managed in any way.

Information confidenciality

Holders’ data will be given only by the Company pursuant to the ways set forth under this Notice of Privacy. The Company will do whatever is in its scope of action to protect the privacy of the information. It can happen that by virtue of legal orders or regulations, the Company could be obliged to reveal information to the authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or there could be cases in which third parties could intercept or access to certain information or data transmissions, and if that would be the case the Company will not be responsible for information revealed. In these cases, the Company will notify the Holder about this situation.

We would not be obliged to keep confidentiality on any other information that the Holder provides through newsletter and chats, as well as for information obtained through cookies, or information which has not been delivered directly to the Company.

It must be clarified that the Holder’s information is NOT sold, given away, facilitated or leased to any third party. If the User does not wish to share his/her data, he/she can say NO to the use of a certain service or NO to participate in some promotions or contests.

The Company will take all possible measures to keep the confidentiality and security priorly described, but will not be responsible for damages or injuries derived from third parties’ breaching said measures and using public networks or Internet, altering the security systems to have access to the Holder’s information.

Security vulnerabilities occurred during the management phase seriously affecting patrimonial or moral rights of the Holders, will be informed immediately by the Company to the Holder, so that the latter can take the respective measures to defend his/her rights.

Security and storage

The Company has implemented different security techniques to protect the data given by the Holder against non authorized accesses of visitors to the Webpage or to the Company’s database, either within or outside the Company.

It is required to have into account that perfect security does not exist in Internet. Therefore, the Company is not responsible for illegal interceptions or violation of its systems or database by non authorized persons. In addition, it is not responsible for unlawfull use of information obtained by these means.

When hiring a service or buying a product on line, it will be asked bank data for which we are not committed to offer security and confidentiality, thus we have a safe and secured server for that purpose which enables us to forward encrypted the information sent to secure its protection.

Once data are received, we will do everything possible to safeguard the information in our server.


The Company’s Database, where is stored all the information compiled, will save and safeguard the information provided by the Holder, in spite of their ammendments, updatings or even cancellations for any reason. The preceding is done in order to keep a History about the Holder and always foreseeing his/her legal interests.

Customer Service or Attention Given by the Company

The Company offers the Holder an email where he/she can clarify any doubt related to the use of Personal Data, about how to use his/her rights regarding personal data, and so forth. This email is

Modifications to the Notice of Privacy

The Company, as well as the Holder, recognizes that this Notice of Privacy has a limited validity. However, the Company will try to update this Notice always.

The Company can modify at any moment the Notice of Privacy and Confidentiality without the need of prior notice. Thus, the Company recommends the Holder to regularly read this document in order to be informed about eventual modifications.

Alterations or modifications to this Notice of Privacy will be effective after their publication on the Company’s Webpage..

Once the ammendments are done, it will be assumed that the Holder continuing to use the Company’s Webpage, request its services or do everything which started the relationship with the company, is totally knowledgeable, has read and accepted the ammended Notice of Privacy.

Ammendments to the Notice of Privacy can be notified to the Holder through a note posted in the Company’s Page or through any other means.


The Company can send emails to the User in order to enhance its services:

*After the Registration of the User, by notifiying his/her account’s data

*With reminders about the services offered (specially those which he/she has never used or not used for a considerable time)

*To send information about Products ordered

*As part of a Newsletter

*Email with Products’ Promotions

*To offer related services

*Anyway, in every email sent, we will always offer him/her the chance to request stop sending emails in the future

Public Registrations

The Public Registration of Consummers, Users and other Similar Persons, set forth under legal regulations or ordinances of entities such as Prosecutor’s Office for the Consumer Protection and the Institute for the Defense of the User of Financial Services will continue to be in force and will be governed pursuant to the laws ruling the aforesaid institutions and the applicable provisions and the rights derived thereof.

The Holder declares that by using the page, giving a proportion of his/her personal data and having the account or registry he/she accepts having read this notice and approved with everything stated therein. The Holder approves this Notice of Privacy pursuant to the Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, not opposing hence to the Notice of Privacy. Any data will be managed but after five days from the date in which the User provided them and the latter has not expressed any denial.

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