Natural Stones


It is the most precious stone in the quartz group. Since purple is considered a royal color, fine amethysts are featured in the Jewels of the Crown in United Kingdom and were also a favorite of Catherine the Great and Egyptian royalty.


It is one of the few gemstones found in one color, In ancient times it was believed that peridot was a gift from Mother Nature, to celebrate the annual creation of a new world.


Is said originally that these stones caught rainbow inside by the play of colors that each possesses and the energy of this stone is able to solve depressions and to help its wearer find true love and true.


Stone of health and rejuvenation, has been called the blood of the earth, gives foliage, fertility, vitality and slows aging.


It comes from the Greek word "Rhodon" which means rose in ancient times believed that this stone had the ability to illuminate the path chosen giving protection.


Stone of prosperity, because of its golden color is associated with the spiritual nobility of the enlightened and abundance that brings the development of their talents.


: Known as the "gemstone of the Vikings" because it was used in the past by Viking explorers as navigation aid because by sunlight showed the way cloudless.


Rose quartz is the stone of love and infinite peace is a gem that is used for emotional healing. Even you are given properties to balance the emotional energy.


This is the oldest of the Earth is like an old tree, which inhabits powerful spirits of nature, wise and serene. Symbolizes the divine light in the material plane.


Stone symbolizing the power of women as it promotes inner harmony and strength you need to develop your true feminine power this gem by its light revitalizes the feminine aspect in all living beings.


It is believed that a sapphire symbolizes sincerity, faithfulness and truth in human relationships and is the source of peace, wisdom and joy.


is said to be a highly protective glass. Physically violet ray represents the alchemical transformation.


It is believed that he wakes creative talents and the stone is able to facilitate the flow of several chronic diseases, and for treatment promotes rapid healing.


It is believed that this gem helps free expression and favors good communication in ancient times.


It was known as the stone of ambition, success, energy and power.


Lined needles that intersect each other at various angles producing a phenomenon called asterism, star sapphire also was considered as a powerful talisman guider travelers and seekers of all kinds.


A star of six with a beam shining on the surface of the stone when it moves, in Sanskrit language is called ruby "ratnaraj", which translates as "King of Gemstones."


Is said that is a stone that attracts wealth and money, this gem is also called the stone of freedom as healthy breakup states.


It is said that this stone has a calming energy that brings order to a chaotic mind and improves the psychological and mental coordination.


Stone representing unconditional love forms an alliance between the will and the heart so that every action contains the greater good.


It is considered a protective stone. It is believed that draws strength and protects from bad dreams, stress and release energy. Agate is said to balance the energies and awakens talent.


The black onyx repels negativity and deflects negativity of others. It is considered a stone that helps improve the determination and perseverance.


Helps communication through clear thinking, inspiration or receptivity; benefits in the fulfillment of his destiny.


Is believed that increased the power of quartz crystal. This stone helps one get to the bottom of the problem.


The stone of serenity. It is assumed that relieves anxiety and fear and brings good luck. It represents traditional charm for gardeners as it is said that jade ensures abundant harvests.


An ancient stone that is believed to represent friendship and truth. It is said that served for harmony in relationships. It is the stone of wisdom and knowledge.


It is called the stone house is considered to bring peace and prosperity at home, attaches great protective force is considered suitable to deflect negative energies.


The pearl is a biomineral, hard, shiny and iridescent substance or iridescent reflections. Forms in the inner part of the shells of some mollusks.


En la antigüedad se creyó que topacio ayuda a mejorar la vista. Los griegos confiaron en el poder sobrenatural del topacio para aumentar la fuerza y hacer a su portador invisible en caso de emergencia. También se dijo que topacio cambiaba de color con la presencia de comida o bebida envenenada.


The group of topaz is said that His mystical curative powers changed with the phases of the moon for the recovery of insomnia, asthma and hemorrhages.


They are spheres made of nacre produced within the soft body of mollusks, they are considered as gems or precious stones, by its symmetry and its particular luster in addition to the variety of colors in which we can find.


It Means invincible or unalterable, is one of the most precious minerals in the world for their outstanding physical and optical characteristics.


It was known as the "stone of the pilgrims", since arriving in Santiago de Compostela used to be a stone as a memento of a great site that had close.

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