We work every day with a wide range of products: precious metals such as gold, silver, rodium, platinum and alternative metals such as bronze and titanium which are the main players, and natural stones which are our guests of honor, and of course fine crystals, silk and leather, and we use now and then new fashionable materials because they are the stakeholders of the moment. We don’t invite anybody, all of them are carefully selected to participate in our works. We forge a piece by combining colors, textures and finishing, it is...passion.

All our knowledge and experience can be seen in each and every of our jewels which are carefully elaborated with a human touch to reflect majesty and a delicate elegance.


"Before creating something we think on its qualities, emotions and feelings to enable our jewels emphisize the brilliance of their personality".

We are always marvelled when we observe life... How plants are interrelated with animals to perpetuate species, supplementing each other, as when a butterfly stands on a flower and polinizes it, and the flower in turn returns life to it by feeding it..

Each one of their actions and attributes teach us values.

Our inspiration comes from observing these actions and we are trying to display those feelings in our jewels to transfer them to the human spirit.


Daniel and Miguel, creators of DANMAIK’s brand, and his father Mr. Jacinto Vázquez Plascencia, acknoweledged jeweler of the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, who taught them the artcraft at a very young age while they were students, they all worked in the family workshop and when Daniel and Miguel finished their university careers they decided to make a partnership and establish their own workshop to manufacture jewels since 1989.

This company elaborated in the beginning the hand made twisted chain in certain calibers and presentations of different gold karats. Always looking for quality and perfection in their products, they succeeded to manufacture the best twisted chain of the country and distributed it throughout Mexico, USA and Central America.

They gradually incorporated into their manufacturing line other designs as the Chinese and Link Chains.

In 1992 they added new production techniques: machine stamping and lost vaccum wax, which allowed them to expand their range of products and offer new and attractive options to their clients.

The increasing demand in the market for innovaton and design variety required more preparation and training in new techniques, processes and finishings as well as the use of state of the art technology.

As they were always restless and wishing to have a continous growth, in 2010 they decided to form their own design area to manufacture artistic jewelry. These new creations have a defined style inspired in nature, beautiful jewels linked to emotions and human feelings, elaborated by Mexican hands finished with the highest quality and made from materials such as gold, silver and bronze. That is how they had the idea to create the DANMAIK brand. The objective: to introduce them directly to a more demanding public. DANMAIK… the most select of these two creative jewelers.




Our love for nature makes us aware that we inhabit a liveliful and splendorous planet which deserves respect, care and protection.

In order to achieve it our environmental committment makes us use in all our processes, ecological and biodegradable products.

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