The Company guaranties that the Product is free of flaws during a period of 30 days as from the delivery of the good. Otherwise, the User is entitled to return the Product to the Company within the aforementioned term by contacting User Services or Attention Given by the Company to get the respective approval through the number of authorization to return or substitute the Product.

The User must return the Product in the same original conditions, with its package, and acknowledgement receipt of the Product, number of the return authorization and purchase invoice. The Company will substitute or repair the article in a reasonable period, provided the factors to which the Company will be subject to things such as product availability of article to be substituted or availability of the same article. The Company reserves the right to deliver a different product, of the same value and complying with the same functions than the one requested, due to the impossibility of repairing it or by reimbursing the same amount of the purchase done..

Repairs can be done by using new parts or products equivalent to the new or reconditioned ones which even though they are not identical to the faulty Product, will be equivalent to the new ones in function, aspect, quality and likeness.

Guaranty will not be valid if damages or imperfections are caused by the user, any person or another external cause..

Guaranty will not be valid if the product is not used for its own natural purposes.

Guaranty will not be valid if the Company, per the request of the User, makes changes to the features of the Product as they came from factory or origin.

Guaranty does not cover the normal wear, the bad use given to the jewel, not complying with the recommendations suggested for the jewel’s care or for repairing it with a non professional or unexperienced jeweler regarding the jewel’s elaboration processes used.

CAny problem concerning a DANMAIK product covered by our guaranty, please contact us at Our Post-Sale Service located in Guadalajara Jalisco, México, at the address hereunder:

Departamento de Servicio al Cliente
Av. Mariano Otero # 1329 Local 2A Segundo Nivel
Col. Rinconada del Bosque C.P. 44530
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Tel. (33)3669 0894
E-mail: info@danmaik.com

If the flaw of your jewel piece is not covered by our guaranty, DANMAIK can invoice the repair at a cost calculated according to the type of jewel and the repair requested.

Contact our POST-SALE Service to get a quote for your specific repair. The Client must approve the repair and the cost of the jewel in writing before DANMAIK can start any manipulation.

Limits and Responsibilities:

The Company is not responsible for damages derived from the Page. The User will be the sole responsible of eventual damages that his/her equipment could suffer due to the bad use of hardware, software or connections.

The Company will not be responsible for circumstances excluded in the guaranty, originated from Major Force Events or Unforeseen Causes, pursuant to the Code of Commerce.

“Article 377.- Once the purchase-sale contract is perfected, all losses, damages or failures which could appear or happen to the articles sold, will be the sole cost of the buyer […]”

The Company’s responsibility with the User regarding damages caused or related to the agreement hereby, regardless the form of judicial or extra judicial action taken whereof is determined as a responsibility thereof, either contractual or extra-contractual, and will be limited to the total of the counterservice paid by the User to the Company for the order in question.

The Company will not be liable for interrumptions or suspensions in the access service to Internet caused for failures in the telecommunications system, power supply, unforseen causes or major force events or any action of third parties which could disable the equipment supplying access to the network.

The Company will neither be liable for any virus which could infect the User’s equipment as consequence of the access, use or examination of the Site or from any transfer of data, files, images, texts or audio contained therein. Users will NOT be able to impute any responsibility whatsoever or demand any payment for damages or injuries by virtue of technical difficulties or failures in the systems or in Internet.

The Company will not be responsible for any error or ommission contained in the Site.

Intellectual Property: The content, information and/or material that the Company provides to the User through this Site contains elements protected by intellectual property norms, including the protection of software, photographies, logos, designs, graphic images, music and sound, provided that description does not imply any limit whatsoever.

The User will indemnify the Company for responsibilities derived from Intellectual or Industrial Property, which could be of their property and/or integrated in the Product.

Based on the rights of Intellectual Property, the Company reserves the right to go to court, negotiate and reach an agreement upon the resolution of disputes, at its sole discrimination whenever a third party claim arises.

The Company reserves all the rights of intellectual and industrial property which could correspond to it upon the Product. The User will notify the Company, immediately after any breach or non authorized use of the Product or of its intellectual or industrial property..

The Company can, at any moment and under its sole criterion, discontinue, suspend, terminate or alter the form of access to its Webpage regarding any content, period of availability and equipment required to access and/or use the Page.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue the disclosure of any information, alter or eliminate transmission methods, alter data transmission speed or any other signal characteristics..

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