Taking Care


Keep your jewel in its individual case or cloth / velvet bag, in a dry place to avoid scratches.

For gold pieces: clean with a soft cloth, you can use some special polish only on the metal parts, always remove excess polish liquid to prevent it enters difficult access points, in order to preserve a long lasting gloss of the jewel and stone. Wash it with liquid soft soap dilluted in water and use a soft hair brush, dry it with hair dryer at medium temperature range.

For silver pieces: Use a special liquid silver cleaner as the ones available in your country, apply it with a soft hair brush only on metal parts, immediately immerse in water and apply sodium bicarbonate in all the piece brushing even in the deepest parts to neutrilize totally the silver cleaner, rinse under the water tap and dry with hot hair dryer until the piece is totally dried. Remember that water stains the metal.

For bronze pieces with 24K gold or Rodium bath, only wash with soft soap to remove excess of dust, if any, and dry with a cloth and medium temperature hair dryer.

Jewels are the final touch in your personal outfit. Therefore avoid any direct contact of the jewels with perfumes, lacqueurs, detergents, chlorine, lead, mercury, alcohols, creams, cosmetics and sea water because they damage them. Do not forget that the sweat of some persons can also affect jewelry.

Try your jewel piece doesn’t hit any hard surface because stones can be damaged and the metal can be scratched or dented.

DANMAIK uses precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver and rodium; metalic parts can be affected for excessive heat exposure.

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